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Amica Line pizza set for occasional users composed by 10 pieces: AE-32R peel
with untreated aluminum head, solid, rectangular 13´´ and untreated aluminum
handle 59´ ´+ F-20 turn and take-out small peel, aluminated head 8´´,
galvanised handle 59´´ + ACH-SP brush with brass bristles head, aluminum handle
59´´+ ACH-PP wall-mounted aluminum peel rack, 3 places (peel, small peel, brush)
+ AC-ROM pizza cutter + AC-ST2M rigid rectangular pizza server + AC-ST4M
triangular dough balls spatula + AC-TPM dough cutter + OL-10I stainless steel
oil criut 1.5 p. + VP40 tray with edge.

Home users pizza set “BASIC2” - 10 pieces

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