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The Napolino70 outdoor pizza oven is a 28″ Naples-style fully assembled pizza oven designed for outdoor kitchens and can back 2 – 10″ pizzas at a time. Capable of cooking as many as 50 pizzas per hour, this oven accommodates most pizza parties.  Easily installed and can be taken with you when you move.  Features a beautiful tiled enclosure with the traditional center vent, available with or without a metal stand, easily mounted on a countertop.  Chimney, oven door, and thermometer included. The Napolino Series makes a great visual statement and bakes Pizza Napoletana, hearth bread and roasts. Tool set not included.
Napolino70 outdoor pizza oven options:

Tile color – Standard red and black or custom color

Metal stand or countertop

Venting – single wall stove pipe or double wall chimney

Further customization upon request, like a custom logo or family name.

Ask about our new pre-cured oven service!

Napolino70 outdoor pizza oven

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