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The Primavera60 outdoor pizza oven is a 24″ fully-assembled pizza oven  designed for outdoor kitchens and can bake 1 – 11″ pizza at a time.  Capable of cooking as many as 30 pizzas per hour, this oven is a workhorse for the family on a budget.  Easily installed and can be taken with you when you move.  This fully assembled pizza oven comes in a beautiful hand crafted stucco igloo shape, available with or without a metal stand, easily mounted on a counter top.
Primavera60 outdoor pizza oven options:

Color – Red, Yellow or custom color

Metal stand or Countertop

Venting – Terracotta flue or single wall stove pipe

Further customization upon request, like a decorative brick arch or double wall chimney.

Our most popular outdoor pizza oven, used by Peter Reinhart, host of Pizza Quest.

Primavera60 outdoor pizza oven

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