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The Strada60 portable pizza oven might be the most portable “true masonry” pizza oven in the world. The Strada is a real wood fired pizza oven, featuring a 24” cooking floor. Capable of cooking a 1 – 11″ margarita pizza in 90 seconds, making it fast enough to make 30 pizzas an hour. A favorite for bread bakers with a low dome profile and can bake 6-8 loaves of bread using retained heat cooking.

Includes powder-coated, weather-proof metal enclosure with chimney, oven door, and thermometer.
Strada60 portable pizza oven options:

Color – Red or Bronze;

Metal stand or Countertop

Venting – Single Wall or Double Wall Flue

The right choice for homeowners who want a small, portable pizza oven that is affordable, or want an oven they can take on the road to parties and tailgaters. Tool set not included.

Strada60 portable pizza oven

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